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Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Color (2.1 oz. tube)

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Hair Color & Treatments / Hair Color / Permanent Hair Color

What it is:
Achieve your target color every time with Topchic.

What it does:
Topchic is the permanent alkaline hair color for superb color results. Infused with hydrolyzed wheat protein and panthenol to add strength and shine to hair. Impeccable quality. Durable color. Get the desired effect. Accurate. Formulated with Color Link, a patented technology that allows color molecules to "link" together.

What else you need to know:
Its Patented Penetration System ensures even pigment distribution from scalp to ends. Total coverage. Precision in measurement. Tools designed for predictability. All Goldwell hair color is aligned with the Goldwell Master Palette. The Color Depot System guarantees exact dispensing and mixing. Unique to Goldwell products. Exceptional results for you. Right on target.

Available in many additional colors such as:
6NN Goldwell Topchic
7NN Goldwell Topchic
8NN Goldwell Topchic


Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Color (2.1 oz. tube)
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92% Recommend this product (547 of 597 responses)
By Denise
Austin, TX
March 29, 2018
NOTE: Picture is when I was using the 8NN, and getting highlights.Last year.
By Denise
Austin, TX
March 29, 2018
I use the 9NN with 20 vol. developer to cover (white) hair, and it comes out beautiful very, very light blonde.Just remember when mixing your color do not use too much developer or the color will not be as rich. It is better to err on the side of less developer. All I have to to now is go the my stylist once or twice a year, for low lights to give some deminsion when I want it. When I was in my 40's and 50's I used the 8NN, (also a very beautiful color) and got highlights. Now that my hair is totally white it is easier to go more blonde and just get lowlights when needed because you can't see the roots as much with blonde hair. Remember when you are first trying to color your grey hair always use the NN to cover grays.I leave my color on for about 55 min., and shampoo once and cond. Another tip is to try to get as close as you can to your childhood color for your base, and either get highlights or low lights to compliment. I have been using this hair color line for over a decade, and I cannot even tell you the amount of money I have saved being able to do my roots at home.
ProsDoes not fade - use Redken Magnetics Shampoo and Cond. Hair is healthy and shiny.
By Lynda
Stowe, VT
March 1, 2018
Great color and coverage!
Lovely shade on the cusp of blonde and brown, where it can get muddy- instead it's rich and reflective, and truly neutral in tone (not too ashy, not too warm!). Really great grey coverage. Very easy to control mixture with brush application- perhaps a bit thick for bottle use. Always use with Goldwell developer (I've experimented...) for best, consistent results. Love this product!
By Amy
Nashville, TN
February 21, 2018
Love This Color
No bad odor. Colors gray and looks shiny and healthy on my hair. Easy to use.
By Trixxie
Owings Mills, Maryland
February 9, 2018
Best accurate coverage/gray
Using 4NN, 5NN, 5MB with The Goldwell 20 volume developer to cover gray and match very dark almost black hair. Superior results. I switched over from Koleston Perfect as that was pulling too red on my roots and didn't seem to have the staying power that it used to. The Goldwell gave superior coverage, shine and the perfect natural ash tone without being too dark. I can always count on Sleekshop to deliver very fresh authentic products.
ProsGentle, shiny, natural ACCURATE! Very fresh from Sleekshop
By Janet
Raynham, MA
February 2, 2018
Cute little gadget really works!
I wish I had bought more.
January 21, 2018
Works well
Arrived in given shipping estimate, as described. As with most permanent color, be careful what level developer you use when applying to roots.
By sheila
las vegas, NV
December 29, 2017
The best
Goldwell is my favorite hair dye.
ProsSuper shiny and conditioned
By Blossom
October 13, 2017
Love it.
Before Goldwell Topchic 7ngb/8ngb I used Wella.Not that I don't like Wells it did not work for me,pulled to warm. I read about Goldwell thought what would it hurt to try!!! I'm in love,my daughter's color Jade she absolutely loves her hair looks great,moves great stays true to color..I also use Goldwell developer
ProsColor stays true,my hair looks healthier.
By Juan.
United States
September 26, 2017
Great product
My wife is very happy with this product, she is being using this for years and even when she tries other products she prefer the Goldwel brand because this is a great product.
25 Questions & 36 Answers
from L.A. Calif asked:
January 29, 2018
My hair supposed to be black but I suspected using too many home products with mild bleach (ash brown) that my color is not turning back to natural black anymore. The last few times with the home products (black or dark color) only worked for 2 weeks and I went to the professional but it only work for a month. The color faded. Will this product help? I like 4R and will it make it worst? or I should be safe and use 2A or 4 B? Please help and advice. Thank you!
My Goldwell really delivers! The color is right on. It leaves my hair soft and conditioned. It lasts longer than the last professional color I used. I’ve used professional color for years because the color I found on the shelf at the grocery store dried my hair out every time. The professional product I used before Goldwell took forty-five minutes for the color to “takeâ€. Goldwell takes 25 minutes at the most. Most important, though, I love the way my hair looks and feels.
on February 2, 2018
from Raynham, MA
If you want to go back to your natural color I would go with the 2n which is closest to black. Also color does fade depending on what products you use to wash your hair and if you wash your hair with hot water, also using hot tools on your hair play a big part in color fading. Goldwell color is very good I love it. If you are just depositing color use 10 developer. I hope this helps.
on February 5, 2018
from Ashburn, VA
Are you covering grey and only coloring root growth? Are you dark brown and trying to go darker? Are you natural black and trying to lighten up with the 4R mahogany? If you are trying to cover grey and match your natural hair color, you need at least 50% of and Neutral "N or NN" base in your mix to cover. The other 50% can be your desired tone R for Mahogany or B for Ash. The number represents the level of darkness or lightness...the lower the number, the darker the color. If covering grey you will need 20 volume developer. If you are dark brown and trying to go darker, you will need a lower number and 10 volume developer to deposit the pigment. If you are natural black and are trying to lighten up to a dark brown with Mahogany highlights, you will need to use a level 4 or 5 with a 30 or 40 volume developer. Reds are the most difficult pigments to keep. Make sure you wash the dye out with cool water until the water runs clear and use a color safe shampoo and conditioner. If you are trying to go lighter, stay away from the ash and matt colors as they will tend to have a dark cast in most light. The reds/golds/coppers will appear lighter. If you are still having trouble keeping the pigment in your hair, it may be extremely damaged/porous from previous bleach use and you may need to deep condition it and treat it with a "filler" before it will hold color. Sometimes, until your hair is back to a healthy state it is better to use a conditioning demi-permanent color rather than assault it further with harsh chemicals. Only you know the severity of your hair's condition so I would choose wisely. Good luck!
on February 5, 2018
from Owings Mills, Maryland
If you already coloured your hair with permanent hair colour it's not a good idea to use permanent colour again. To correct and re-fresh hair colour you will need a toning hair due like Colorance, not Topchic
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Destin, Florida asked:
December 16, 2017
What developer should I buy to use with color 3n . I have dark hair with caramel highlights and I just want to touch up my gray. Thank you ☺ï¸
That depends on your natural hair colour and how many levels you need to lift. If you want to make your hair darker you will need a 20 vol (6%) Developer (because you have gray hair)
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from ny asked:
November 5, 2017
now that 6ngb and 7ngb are discontinued I am trying to recreate. how much n in proportion to g and b or gb colors?
I'm sorry but I don't use those colors, I use the 6KG and 7KG , although the 7KG has been discontinued, very sad about that.
on November 7, 2017
from Orem, Utah
Usually the first letter means about 70% of pigments and the second - about 30%, the third is just additional colour nuance. So 6ngb has 70% of natural pigments and 30% of gold pigments
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

Erica kurecki
from Joliet,Il asked:
October 21, 2017
How do I get my dark roots to match my ends when I go natural blonde
Generally the hair at the roots or crown area should be darker than the hair at your ends even after going natural blonde. Hair isn't a single color all the way from root to end or it looks flat, dull, and forced. When you have regrowth only touch up the roots with fresh color. Brushing the fresh color into the new growth and then diffusing the color into the existing hair color should allow it blend naturally. Don't touch up the root color and then pull the color all the way through to the ends otherwise the ends end up either too light or too dark over time. I find that my hair gets too blonde over time so I will touch up new grown going a level down and about the last ten minutes pull any remaining color in my pot through to my ends to put some more low light dimension back into my hair. Remember you want your color to have dimension and not look like a single flat one color job all the way through.
on October 24, 2017
from Dexter, MI
If you are a natural blonde why would you have dark roots. if you let your hair grow out get a color close to the color of your ends so your roots and the body of your hair will blend .
on October 24, 2017
from Fort Lee, NJ
Do you want to be a natural blonde or your hair is natural blonde without colouring? If you have dark roots I suppose you will need to high-lift your hair first
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from valencia ca asked:
July 28, 2017
i am using 6b with a little 6a and 6n to cover the grey, if I wanted my hair a little more caramel what color should i use
we need to know your natural color but assuming it is 6a or darker, you need actually need to lighten your hair to a 7 and tone your hair accordingly based upon your natural undeundertone. Probably something like an 7mb or 7a
Atx girl
on September 8, 2017
6b means beige pigments, 6a - ash and 6n - natural (brown). If you want to add caramel choose shades with letter "g" (gold) in it
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

Vera Martin
from jacksonville fl asked:
July 16, 2017
what is 2 + 1 on the 6n tube. My tubes I have used for years are 1 : 1.
it is just a mark. Follow mixing instructions - they are included in each box with tube of colour
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA
It is just a mark. Follow the mixing instructions - they come in each box
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Ga asked:
July 14, 2017
What developer do i need to use with 3vv ?
Developer depends on how dark your hair is and how many levels you need to change.
on September 5, 2017
from San Diego, CA
That depends on your natural hair colour and how many levels you need to lift. If you want to make your hair darker you will need a 20 vol Developer (for the hair with gray) or 10 vol (without gray)
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

Gwendolyn J Pinnix
from Durham, NC asked:
July 12, 2017
Hi, I recently had a terrible reaction to hair dye, It was PPD. Is this product PPD free. Thanks, Gwen
I don't see this ingredient on my box but it contains ammonium hydroxide and ammonia derivatives - very harsh ingredients for the skin
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Austin asked:
July 12, 2017
I want to color my hair a rose gold. Has anyone had success with using 8RP - Genuine Rose paired with a blonde color? Perhaps a 7 blonde? Just looking for recommendations. I am looking for more blonde and less pink, something a bit more subtle. My hair is naturally dark blonde. Thanks!
Success depends on how correct you choose the shade and what your natural colour is. If you have natural blonde hair and you want just add more vibrancy and light shade you don't need a permanent colour. try toning colour like Colorance Goldwell
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Hoboken, NJ asked:
January 6, 2016
Hello, I planned on trying out this product to cover my greys. The hair stylist who used to color my hair used foils and mixed my black hairs with browns and left some greys visible. I experimented with this technique by myself using tints of nature, but heard really good things about this product online and thought about trying this out instead. My stylist moved out of town and I wanted to experiment on my own. Do I need to purchase another product to mix with this color ? If so, what is that. Thanks for your help. Lara
For gray hair, make sure to use the "NN" series, as this provide gray coverage.
on September 5, 2017
from New York, NY
For gray coverage you will need shade with mark "NN" and 20 vol Developer
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

Arleen Horner
from Surprise AZ asked:
December 26, 2015
I used a different brand it was Dark Blonde(it's to dark) with being all gray , the gray shows after 8 days after coloring my hair. My daughter told me about your website and I want to try your Goldwell Topchic Hair color , but I want to go lighter so the color blends better with my gray hair. I thinking of using 7NN & 8NN, what is your thought of this.
You can not make coloured hair lighter with this product, you will need a bleached product
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Dallas, Texas asked:
December 14, 2015
My husband wants his grey covered, but not completely. His hair is dark brown, but a 4 or 5 makes it look a little too "black". Do you have a product that is softer so he doesn't have that "dyed" look? His hair in the back is mainly dark with a little salt. The sides and top are silver. He wants a salt and pepper look on the top and sides like the back is. Thanks for any help!
Permanent hair colour probably not the best idea in this case. May be you should try special colouring products developed for men's hair
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from PA asked:
December 8, 2015
may daughter uses a level 4 black.what one would I use for her.thany you
you can choose 4 level and the colour nuance you want (4N for example - natural brown)
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from LITTLETON, CO asked:
December 1, 2015
7NP had 70% of natural pigments and 30% of pearl (violet-blue) pigments. The same for 8NP 7NGP has 70% of natural pigments and 30% of gold pigments with additional light nuance of pearl 8NBP has 70% of natural pigments and 30% of beige pigments with additional light nuance of pearl
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Fort Lauderdale, Fl asked:
November 24, 2015
Which developer I should use with 5mb hair color
Depends if you are going darker or lighter.
on September 6, 2017
from Orlando, FL
That depends on what current hair colour level you have and what you want to do - became darker or lighter.
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Australia asked:
November 23, 2015
I have been used 7na a few times, but the result always come out two different colours,one Is much lighter, which come from grey, the other is much darker, which come from black. Can you help me, thanks
If you need to cover gray hair you should use the shades with the mark NN
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from New York asked:
November 18, 2015
How do you mix the color
in a bowl with brush
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Austin TX asked:
November 4, 2015
I am using the 6NN Topchic color for grey regrowth. I also applied the 6NN semi-perm color on old growth to even out color tone. I bought the 6GB to lighten around my face. How would I apply this as a low-lite product? What developer should I use? Will 6% 20 vol do the trick. Is there any problem with an application such as this on old growth hair that has just been treated with the goldwell semi-perm color? Also what would be the timing for low-lights?
If you already coloured your hair with 6NN you will get zero result with 6GB. The colour can not make coloured hair lighter, you need bleached products for that
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

Maureen Foster
from The Bob Shoppe Woodburn, Or. 97071 asked:
October 31, 2015
I'm trying to get a nice plum brown color, level 6." Not to out there Plumb", but noticeable. Can you suggest a nice formula. Thanks Maureen Foster

from Ny asked:
October 27, 2015
Proper developer mix with this color ?
Using the developers found at :
on September 6, 2017
from Seattle, WA
you will need a goldwell topchic developer lotion
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Fitchburg, Ma asked:
October 26, 2015
I have dark brown hair and need to touch up my roots. What will my hair color be with 2n that my hairdresser will use?
2N - is the very dark shade close to black
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Durham, North Carolina asked:
October 23, 2015
I found a formula online for Rich Warm Brunette. I have gray hair. The formula is this: 30 ml 6NN 20 ml 6GB 1 ml 8KG Does this sound reasonable. Is there an existing Topchic color for rich warm brunette.
This formula means that the primary colour would be 6NN - rich natural brown, with warm addictive of 6GB (gold-beige pigments) and very light nuance of 8KG (copper-gold)
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from Chattanooga, TN asked:
October 19, 2015
Does the P-Mix Pearl Mix color the hair a silver grey?
You can not use p-mix alone it has to be mixed with regular shade
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

from michigan asked:
October 15, 2015
Hello, can you tell me the difference between (goldwell tropics) the N and the NN in the colors.What is best for over 50% grey (roots). Thank you so much, karen
The shades with mark NN were specially designed for best gray coverage. It means more natural (brown) pigments
on March 10, 2018
from San Jose, CA

minerva rodriguez
from Fresno, CA asked:
October 8, 2015
What are the ingredients? Is ammonia an ingredient?
Yes it contains ammonium hydroxide and ammonia derivatives
on March 4, 2018
from San Jose, CA