Why Partner with Us?

Sleekshop is committed to taking care of both our brands and our customers. We are proud to be one of the world’s leading online retailers of hair care who strives to offer a dynamic shopping experience, fast shipping and legendary customer service. With over 20,000 luxury items products from hundreds of favorite brands, our offerings span across haircare, nails, body, skincare and makeup. Since our inception in 1997, Sleekshop has been serving customers in 60+ countries worldwide and partnering with hundreds of classic and emerging brands from around the globe.

Points to Consider:

  • Sleekshop is dedicated to building authentic, lasting relationships with our brands and customers alike through genuine dialogue. We’re always soliciting and applying 360 degree feedback to continually add value to our partnerships. 
  • Sleekshop believes in pursuing and sharing education. Our Customer Loyalty and Marketing Teams are trained to be highly knowledgeable in all of our specialty brands and products to represent our brands with the highest level of integrity and to assist our customers in finding the right product.
  • Sleekshop strives to be more than just a premier retailer. We believe in being an invaluable resource to our customers on behalf of all our brands. We work tirelessly to expand our unique collection of engaging video tutorials, informative buying guides and insightful beauty blogs.
  • As brand ambassadors, we spotlight our brands across various social media and marketing channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Beauty Blog and our weekly e-Newsletters to raise greater awareness of our brands and help our customers discover new ones. Our products are also showcased in high-resolution images with unique detailed specifications, over 33,000 compelling customer reviews combined.

Sleekshop is dedicated to building a vibrant community around beauty through effective brand partnerships and personalized customer service. We welcome all partnership inquiries and encourage you to send us your company information.

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