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Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss

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Hair Color & Treatments / Hair Color / Semi & Demi Permanent Hair Color

What it is:
#1 Ammonia-Free, long-lasting, acidic, liquid demi-permanent haircolor. Redken Shades EQ Demi-Permanent Equalizing Haircolor Conditioning Gloss is long-lasting, no-lift, non-ammonia, demi-permanent haircolor in America. It is an easy to use system that delivers beautiful color with unsurpassed condition and shine. Shades EQ can be used in many ways including to enhance, change or increase the color intensity of natural haircolor.

What it does:
Gentle, no-lift formula guarantees healthy, shiny, amazing haircolor. Wheat amino acids lock in moisture for incredible conditioning while silicone improves shine.

What else you need to know:
Contains wheat amino acids for healthy, shiny color with incredible conditioning.

KEY INGREDIENTS Acidic pH = Ensures gentle processing for outstanding condition and shine Long-Lasting Colorants = Creates vibrant haircolor that fades on tone No-Ammonia, No-Lift Formula = Won't lighten hair's natural pigment; minimizes swelling and cuticle damage Wheat Amino Acids = Help lock in moisture and protect condition of hair Silicone = Improves shine and wet combatability
SHADES EQ Color Gloss is mixed in a 1:1 ratio of Shades EQ Color Gloss to Processing Solution. Always mix in equal parts and use immediately. Standard timing is 20 minutes at room temperature. For more vibrant results, process 15 minutes with plastic cap under a pre-heated warm dryer. Remove cap and cool for 5 minutes.
Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss
214 Reviews
79% (170)
14% (30)
3% (7)
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88% Recommend this product (189 of 214 responses)
By Mrs
May 2, 2018
Doesn't last
This does produce a good result but it lasts about 10 days. I know it's a Demi but would hope to get a month.
ProsNice toning
ConsDoesn't last
By Lisa
April 26, 2018
Love it
Shades EQ has the best color choices and they are perfect for giving hair shine and full of body, swatches are right on the money, they cover gray great too!
By Kristen
April 15, 2018
Love these
Always tones well great products and easy quick shipping
Grants Pass, OR
March 30, 2018
Love it!
True Colors!
By Scheila
Las Vegas Nv
March 16, 2018
I applied and waited 45m it didnt do anything!
By Miriam
Albuquerque, NM
March 15, 2018
Perfect, natural color
The Shades EQ dyes are the only thing I use
By Wanda
Eagleville, TN
February 23, 2018
I have used this product for years. It leaves my hair soft and full of body! You just mix 1/2 & 1/2 color and eq shades processing solution. 40-45 minutes start to finish..your done
ProsSo easy to color your own hair. It is not harsh or damaging to your hair. The color doesn't last as long as a permanent color but it is so much healthier.
By Smesh
Los Angeles, CA
February 19, 2018
Love it
Would buy again.
ProsAwesome color and nice shine
By Tara
Eugene, Oregon
January 24, 2018
Love shades eq, easy to mix, easy to apply
Shades eq is one of the best temporary toners. This is what my colorist uses on me, and the results are always wonderful. I have a balayage done that gets very brassy, with orange as my underlying pigment. I used 7p, 9n, 9v, 9p all together with equal parts clear and processing solution to get an icy, cool toned blonde. I usually process for the full 20 min. My only issue with shades is that is doesn't last long, maybe 5-7 shampoos for me. Sleekshop has authentic products at a great price
ProsEasy to use Easy to mix Try fun colors with commitment Glossy!
ConsDoesn't last long
By Christina
Reno, NV
December 23, 2017
Easy to use, Great results
My hairdresser used this product on me along with hair color. Results were beautiful color and shiny hair. However, used alone, this product only covered gray for a week.
ProsBrilliant shine, easy to use
ConsIf you are covering gray, you will also need color
25 Questions & 11 Answers
Elizabeth Plaskacz
from Chicago Illinois asked:
September 22, 2017
I have medium brown, chocolate colored hair (salon colored) with golden blond highlights. If I want to darken my highlights slightly, is this appropriate to use? Also, will it add shine to my hair?
3 Answers
In the past, I, too, had highlights in my dark brown hair. When I wanted a subtle change before the highlights grew out, I used Redken EQ to tone down and blend the highlights. I did not want to use a permanent color and risk further damage to my hair. With the Redken EQ there was no damage to my hair and the results were just what I wanted -- blended, shiny hair.
on September 25, 2017
from McDonough, GA
Yes! Just choose a shade darker than your highlights in the tone you prefer. Your hair all be soft and in great condition. My daughter's hair sounds like yours and I just did hers since she wanted to get rid of gold tones in the highlights. Came out beautiful.
on September 26, 2017
from Hudson, MA
Yes, Shades Eq is the best color choice to do exactly that!!
on September 26, 2017
from Minnetonka , Minnesota

Sheri wennergren
from Houston texas asked:
July 23, 2017
I'm looking for the actual ingrediants in this product??? I was told there is an ingredient that can make your hair fall out??? Is this true..
1 Answers
Shades Eq has not had any news worthy issue with this product. Might you be confusing this with another company which had quite a few clients with hair loss issues post product useage? I've been using Shades for years and all I've received is great color and shine (tons of compliments) and the salon I worked used it on every client and no one complained about the product either. It's a wonderful demi-gloss color. If you want a listing of the ingredients you may obtain an MSDS or material safety data sheet on the product.
on January 21, 2018
from USA

from Colorado asked:
July 19, 2017
I know that you need to mix this with something - just not sure what that is or how much.
1 Answers
Shades EQ developer is needed. It's a one to one ratio mix. This will make your hair VERY shiny. I love it and have been using it for years. I like it because it's a demi-gloss which means the line of demarcation isn't as obvious when the color grows out. You will not have a big line of color outgrowth. It will be soft and blended. Plus, it's a great toner for the double process blondes. I think there is also a clear gloss as well if shine is all you want.
on December 30, 2017
from USA

from Chicago, Illinois asked:
July 13, 2017
I want black colour to my hair which product shall I use
1 Answers
Have you checked out ONYX 01B? It's black. Proceed with caution. If you have light color hair, gradual washing out of the demi-gloss could lead to purple, lavender, lilac or some mix of those shades.
on January 21, 2018
from USA

from None asked:
July 12, 2017
How do you do a root touch up with this at home? Or can you fo a root touch up and then apply it to the rest if your hair? Shade 05N Walnut is what my hair color is right now (dyed) and that is the shade I would like to use to touch up my roots at least, as for the rest of my hair should I just use a clear gloss until my next appointment?

from So Cal asked:
July 5, 2017
What color would I use to get brassy out of ash blond?
1 Answers
If your hair is a level 8 or darker, try the color "Ivy", 8GN. I've never used it solo for this, but mixed with another level 8 shade, it truly works great!
Amy Sletteland
on January 1, 2018
from Richmond, California

from Nashville, TN asked:
July 1, 2017
Can I put this on brown pieces as well as brassy blonde highlights and splices?

from DC asked:
May 26, 2017
I've been advised to use EQ Shade 8N & 8GI and I'm wondering if these are right for my hair color (see photos attached). Thank, K

angela helm
from dixon il asked:
May 23, 2017
How long does this product last?
2 Answers
Depending on how much you wash your hair I'd say between 2 and 5 weeks.
on August 14, 2017
from Nipomo, CA
About 5-6 weeks if you wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Probably 4 weeks if you wash your hair frequently
on August 20, 2017
from Florida

Tender Rentschler
from Rochester, Indiana asked:
January 11, 2016
For gray root coverage of medium brown hair, I want to know what colors to use. My stylist mixes mostly light brown, medium brown and a touch of gold with the developer.

chris barba
from Suffern, New york. asked:
December 31, 2015
Hi, I'm trying to go grey, can I use 09B on my hair? I have about 2 inches of grey roots on short light blond/golden color bleached hair. Can the color be striped out and 09B be put on? I want to go to a Ulta Redken salon and see what they can do for me. Do you have any suggestions? I just don't want to go into a salon in the dark! Thank you, Chris Barba

from chicago, Il asked:
December 3, 2015
I use Chromatics 5N to cover some grays and also would like to use Shades EQ color gloss. What color Shades EQ color gloss would you recommend?
1 Answers
Hi I'm not a pro, and I don't know what color you'd like to achieve or even your actual color, but me personally since I've blond highlights I use a mixture of equal parts 9N and 9T with the crystal solution and the mixture cancels off some of orange. According to what I've heard, the crystal solution is important to dilute the highly pigmented Shades EQ. Hope this helps!
on August 2, 2017
from Parker, CO

lissa heeley
from Redondo Beach, CA asked:
November 30, 2015
HI there, got my hair highlighted (i have black hair) but was too blonde, so I used Redken EQ gloss: Mix equal parts of Cayenne, Papaya and Gold Dip to get golden bronze. It worked out fine, except I want some mahoganny, rich dark brown on some parts of my hair. What should I use, any rexommendations?

from Derwood asked:
November 11, 2015
What do you mix the product with? How long do you keep it on your hair?

Maria G.
from Melville, NY asked:
October 31, 2015
Can I use 10 volume creme developer with EQ color gloss? I bought the gloss in the shade 08N Mojave. Someone told me that the 10 volume creme developer is the same as the Redken processing solution. If yes, how much do I use and how long do I keep it on the hair? It is being used to tone/correct ombré hair.

from Lompoc asked:
October 22, 2015
Last time I used this product I may have left on a bit long and my scarf had a reaction . I seem to recall when I had a stylist do this for me she put an additive of some kind to protect my scalp. Anyone know what the name of that product is?

from TN asked:
October 8, 2015
I had this color put in at a salon at my last appt. Before I had it put in, I hadn't dyed my hair in a couple of years and I natural have brunette hair. My mother always used to color my when I opted using products from Sally's. If I wanted my mother to just refresh this color for me, which processor should I purchase and would there be any other special instructions? Thanks!

from frankfort, ky asked:
October 5, 2015
i currently have 06n Moroccan sand on my hair which has faded out to a blonde color. can I put color 09b sterling over it . what would likely be the result

from CA asked:
October 4, 2015
Hi. I bleached out my hair with pravana bleach and 40v. Toned it with 8n 9n and it turned out GREY, GREEN muddy color HELP!!

from Michigan asked:
October 3, 2015
please explain --what would be the best formula to mix to have beach blonde hair. is it 10 NA silk + 40 volume and this conditioning color gloss .What ratio I should use?

from Atlanta, Georgia asked:
October 2, 2015
how do you use this product? I just want to keep my hair bright after professional coloring. It seemed my stylist just put it on for a few minutes at the sink and then rinsed.

from Chicago, Illinois asked:
September 29, 2015
How many bottles do I need for long hair?

from toronto, canada asked:
September 2, 2015
do you also carry the clear gloss ???? thanks ! Shona

Camille Beetz
from Manchester NH 03102 asked:
September 2, 2015
is this a temporary color?
1 Answers
It's a demi-gloss, so it washed out gradually. It doesn't come out in one wash if that is what you mean. It's approximately 12 washes.
on January 21, 2018
from USA

from Foley,Alabama asked:
August 26, 2015
Can I use just a small amt. to get the new slate grey color? I plan to pre lighten my hair.