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Joico Vero K-PAK Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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What is this product?
Joico Vero K-PAK Color Intensity Color System gives haircolor pros the power to create vivid, on-trend, insanely intense shades. This intermixable palette of semi-permanents includes the three new shades—Red, Yellow and Orange—plus supporting shades of Blue, Magenta, Purple, Green, along with a Clear Mixer, so that it's possible to create any hue, shade and nuance.

More info:

  • Extremely concentrated pigments allow for exceptionally vibrant haircolor results.
  • Reconstructs as you color with K-PAK’s exclusive Quadramine Complex to leave hair in superb, shiny condition.
  • Six intermixable semi-permanent shades (Pink, Indigo, Clear Mixer, Red, Yellow, and Orange).


  • Do not mix with Vero K-PAK® Color or Vero K-PAK Chrome.
  • Wear gloves to avoid staining
Apply neatly to clean, dry hair ¼-inch (½ cm) from scalp.
  • For maximum vibrancy, pre-lighten hair prior to application.
  • Process for 20 minutes
Joico Vero K-PAK Color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color
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89% Recommend this product (160 of 179 responses)
By Marsha
August 1, 2018
Love it
Joico is the best color that I have found. Leaves your hair really soft. Washing my hair with cold water it last about 6-8 weeks. Very bright colors and fades really nice. Have used many colors. I get compliments all the time. I have recommended Joico to 3 of my friends. We look like a wonderful rainbow at work.
By MIreya
San Jose
July 23, 2018
It is really wonderful!
I bought two Joico hair color Intensity Semi-Permanent Hair Color and I absolutely loved it. It is super easy to apply and the color is so vibrant. I think is an easy way to make a dramatic yet great way to make your hair look amazing.
By Micha
niagara falls, ny
July 11, 2018
I've been using this dye for about a year now i've used Light purple, Amethyst purple, Orchid, Colbolt blue, Mermaid blue, Ruby red, Hot pink and Pink and they were all amazing ! i normally bleach my hair first so i can get the colours a bright as possible. My colour normally stays very bright and vibrant for about a month then it starts to fade but with most of them like Rudy red it fades to a really nice baby pink that I rock for another month before redying. The price point is awesome and the quality is great this doesn't seem to damage my hair as uch as other dyes i've used.
By Kandy
July 2, 2018
Long lasting color!
My girlfriends friend who's a hairdresser uses Joico, and we have the best results! I've tried other brands but they bleed out so fast. During the winter (less sun, and moisture in my hair) it'll last a month and a half looking brand new, and then 2-2 1/2 months of looking pretty good before fading considerably. Even the fading isn't bad! Definitely recommend this color. I use NoPoo and other products to keep it lasting. I even use that god awful Got2B freeze and glue to keep my Mohawk up (god awful in that its terrible for your hair, but great in it's hold),and that does little damage to the coloring. Mohawk picture was a week after, and the one with the German shepherd was about two months after. All-in-all, great product. Definitely recommend.
July 1, 2018
Great product
This is the second purchase of this product and the colors are brilliant, beautiful and lasting!
By Tam
St. Louis,
May 11, 2018
Vivid colors, conditioning, lasts
We've used the vibrant magenta, amethyst and indigo for a brilliant color melt. Now I'm dabbling with the some of the lighter pastels. When it is time to change up, the oil/bleach/clarifying shampoo fading technique works well. Not a huge amount of inadvertent color loss from standard shaming AWESOME!
ProsGreat color selection, no developer needed. Lasts and lasts with careful shampooi
ConsI?ve found that several of the beautiful pastels in the line are SO light that you really need to triple the processing time and ensure you have a level 10-11 base to start with
By Lindsay Harrison
April 21, 2018
Love it
Great vibrant color! Not a lot of fading!! Its brighter than a box of color from the store
By Yhalia Torres
Dalton Georgia
March 14, 2018
Absolutely Perfect!
Beautiful blue! It does need a touch up. I'm glad my hair was already lightened in the spots I got it in.
By Jennifer
February 19, 2018
absolutely love it!
color stays vivid and bold , i always get compliments on my hair color
By Talia
Auburn IN
January 17, 2018
I love this hair color. I've dyed my medium brown with natural highlights hair with the Ruby red 3 times now. The color lasts sooooo long. So if you are looking for something super temporary this might not be great. The color lasts about 4 months for me. It doesn't leave your hair feeling damaged and it smells nice, but the smell definitely lingers for a day or so after dyeing and washing it. I've had the best results washing my hair with room temperature water after the initial washing, and using color protecting shampoo.
ProsColor lasts a long time Doesn't damage hair Smells good Doesn't require developer
ConsIt's easy to stain your scalp Smell lingers
25 Questions & 20 Answers
Paige Hartman
from Cincinnati, Ohio asked:
December 5, 2017
What about for a mixed person will it damage my hair?? I had my hair treated a long time ago and they said it was a mistake but I use manic panic it's just not that bright for me I'm a mixed person with brunette hair will it kill my hair?
2 Answers
Bleaching is what kills the hair. These don't really damage the hair much if at all. They are really pigmented and I've noticed they last longer than manic panic
on December 6, 2017
from petersburg, VA
Hi! The hair dye doesn't damage the hair since you don't need developer to use it, you use it right out the bottle and you could even mix it with a deep conditioner to get some moisture while processing but it would also make the color lighter depending on how much conditioner you add to the hair dye. I don't understand what you mean when you say you are a mixed person, maybe you could explain me so I can tell u exactly what to do. I am also a brunette and this is the brand I trust the most when I dye my hair with fantasy colors. What is important here is the bleach you use, the developer you mix the bleach with, how long do you leave it on and what color your hair turns out after bleached so it can take the color properly. Since every color needs a different canvas to be absorved right, the most important part is the bleaching process and that is the cause of the damage. I hope I answered your question, if you have any doubt feel free to ask.
on December 7, 2017
from Kissimmee, FL

from Wilson asked:
November 2, 2017
My hair is like a medium brown will this show up slightly?
2 Answers
It will probably show up very muted but be aware it will probably wash out very quickly. Unprocessed hair will not retain this dye very well.
on November 3, 2017
from Inyokern, CA
If your hair is virgin it's gonna show up slightly in the undertone of your hair; for example, if in the light your hair has gold tones those parts are going to absorb the color. If it's not virgin you have to bleach it. Depending on the color you are trying you have to get it yellow pastel.
on November 3, 2017
from Kissimmee, FL

Patti D
from ms asked:
October 29, 2017
do you need an activator to use with this?
4 Answers
on October 31, 2017
from San Diego, CA
No. I have dark hair so I bleach it. Then I apply the color.
on October 31, 2017
from Beaumont, TX
No activator or developer needed. You apply directly to prelightened hair.
on November 1, 2017
from Inyokern, CA
Not at all. I do not mix it with anything. It stays in my hair for up to a month before I have to do it again. The picture below is after 2 weeks of applying.
on November 1, 2017
from Ramah, Colorado

from Hillsborough, NC asked:
September 8, 2017
Will this product stain your scalp/skin?
5 Answers
No! When I put the dye in, it LOOKED like it was staining my skin, but when I came out of the shower after rinsing the dye out, my skin was totally fine!
on September 8, 2017
from Half Moon bay, California
Yes it will but after about 4 washes it goes away on the scalp.
on September 9, 2017
from Holbrook, AZ
No it does not stain the scalp
on September 9, 2017
from Wallingford, Pennsylvania
It doesn't stain any more or less than any other dye. Plus,most if not all staining should come off skin and scalp after one wash.
on September 9, 2017
from Polo Polo, il
When I used this, I missed a small spot when I washed it out. It didn't stain my skin at all.
on September 12, 2017
from Salem, New Hampshire

from Los Angeles asked:
July 11, 2017
Can you use this product if you have a hair color in your hair already?

from San diego ca asked:
July 2, 2017
How many washes does it last

from Grand Rapids, Michigan asked:
July 1, 2017
Do I need a developer also when using either the Joico metallic orVer K-PAK colors?
1 Answers
You do not need a developer, but it you want a more intense color, you can add a 10 volume.
on November 9, 2017
from Las Vegas, NV

from Dallas, TX asked:
June 9, 2017
How long will this stay in your hair ?
2 Answers
If your hair is pre lightened it will stay for about a 8-12 weeks if you only wash your hair once a week. So it really depends on the hair itself and how much it is washed.
on August 9, 2017
from Holbrook, AZ
Sometimes I won't have to retouch my color for a little over a month. So for me, 4-5 weeks. I used the red shades.
on August 11, 2017
from Metairie, Louisiana

Marta Preston
from Portland Oregon asked:
May 21, 2017
How to get white platinum from level 7

from Florida asked:
April 26, 2017
can 10 volume be added for more penetration of color
1 Answers
Yes! If you want more brighter you can always go higher in developer and it'll come out more intense!
on August 21, 2017
from henderson , Nevada

from New jersey asked:
December 31, 2015
Can you apply this color to wet hair

from Stafford, VA asked:
December 4, 2015
I want a vibrant burgundy - would mixing the red and amethyst hair dye create this & if so would I need the clear mixing tube?

from Olathe,ks asked:
November 30, 2015
Do u need to and a developer to this product

from Maryland, Berlin asked:
November 18, 2015
I'm trying to go for grey hair with green at the ends. Would this semi-permanent hair dye work for what I want? I do not want teal hair at the ends, I hate teal. Really want green!! Is this product a true green?

from CT asked:
October 28, 2015
So I've dyed my hair with the purple k pak and I'm having a problem where it's "leaking pigment" such as there's alway pigment on my neck/ fingernails and on my shirts. My hair dresser used the color k pak alone could the mid be happening because she didn't use the clear mixer?

from phoenix,az. asked:
October 21, 2015
i want a gray look,what color do i need ?

from reno asked:
August 29, 2015
do i wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner after is process?

from orange county, ca asked:
August 28, 2015
Is the color intensity a direct dye?

Carla albanez
from Fontana, California asked:
August 18, 2015
I dyed my hair this color with manic panic and I love the color just not how little it lasted! Is this color closest to the one I have?

from asked:
August 17, 2015
What colors would mix best for a steel blue/silver blue

Miranda shaffer
from Reading pa asked:
August 7, 2015
When applying the dye to hair, can you mix the dye with a conditioner? And if so does this help? I saw some other dyes that people dogs this with. I'm using the color intensity semi permanent colors

from Arkansas asked:
July 24, 2015
Hey I am just wanting to put a clear coat over the color I have I have highlights and my hair is somewhat wiry I wanted to just give it a coat and lay down the wiry Ness a little is this good to do that I have the vero color intensity semi-permanent clear mixer

from Alvin , Texas asked:
June 23, 2015
Has anyone ever mixed 10 vol with the titanium to make it last longer Suzanne

Molly Vortex
from Chicago, Illinois asked:
June 21, 2015
How much does one tube of color cover? I have short thin hair.
3 Answers
You should be fine with short thin hair. I'm sure it will cover all of it. You can also add white conditioner to it if you don't have enough.
on July 1, 2015
from Staten Island, NY
My hair is very thick and about 5" past my shoulders. I used one tube, but I have an ombre so I started about 4-5" from my scalp and combed through to my ends with a comb. I think I should have got another tube, only because I have a LOT of hair, but it turned out fine! I think you'll be alright with 1 tube and your hair will be nicely saturated if it's shoulder length or shorter, especially if it's average/thin hair.
on July 4, 2015
from california
My hair is shoulder length & I use half the tube. The other half is good when I need to color again. I love this product.
Patricia Torres
on July 7, 2015
from Tucson, Az

Emily Horowitz
from CA asked:
June 3, 2015
Is the Ruby color pink based or orange based?