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All-Nutrient Permanent Cream Haircolor (3.5 oz)


What it is:
Using a tri-mix processing system to produce an ultra-blended micro-protein delivery cream, our haircolor pre-softens the hair to elasticize the cuticle, allowing for easier penetration to preserve the integrity of the hair. This complex Micro-Protein System is derived from 100% vegan hair Keratin and Quinoa protein to effectively repair and restructure inside the hair fiber.

What it does:
With a natural, vegetable-derived base infused with active Keratin micro-proteins, Amino Acids, organic oils, vitamins and minerals, our haircolor reestablishes the building blocks of the hair and reconstructs each strand from the inside out. It is made with the most organic ingredients possible. We do not make “all organic" claims because no permanent haircolor can—just henna.

What else you need to know:
All-Nutrient® Permanent Cream Haircolor uses the healthiest, most natural ingredients known to exist, nurturing each strand with the nutrients it needs and none of the chemicals it doesn't. From the roots of the Amazon rainforest to the roots of your hair, it is the perfect solution for today's organic and green demands.

All-Nutrient Permanent Cream Haircolor (3.5 oz)
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